Small Farmers: Do You Need A Better Livestock Scale?

If you keep cattle and sheep on your small farm, you need a good way to keep track of their health. However, weighing your livestock can be a challenge, especially if your equipment sways or moves too much and frightens your animals. You can keep better track of your livestock’s health with the right scale. Learn what you should look for in a livestock scale below. What Features Should Your Scale Have?

Food Plot Management—Crop Growth And Wildlife Guidelines

Food plot management can include soil testing, adequate planting and property upkeep, and consideration for the whitetail deer that reside on your land. These steps will support the balance between crop growth needs and wildlife security. Soil Testing Soil compaction or rocky surfaces that contain mixed soil components can impede crop growth. Soil testing is a preliminary step that is critical to the success of a plot. Loose dirt that does not contain rock fragments will allow water to infiltrate evenly into the ground.