Small Farmers: Do You Need A Better Livestock Scale?

If you keep cattle and sheep on your small farm, you need a good way to keep track of their health. However, weighing your livestock can be a challenge, especially if your equipment sways or moves too much and frightens your animals. You can keep better track of your livestock's health with the right scale. Learn what you should look for in a livestock scale below.

What Features Should Your Scale Have?

An ideal livestock scale comes with features that make weighing your animals less stressful for them and easier on you. However, some scales lack the support you need to keep your animals calm when you weigh them. The scales may also be too noisy to use or operate.

The best livestock scales come with anti-sway bars on them. Anti-sway bars don't move when you place your animals on the scale. If you have skittish livestock, such as calves and lambs, you need a scale that makes them feel comfortable throughout the weighing process.

Your scale should also be sturdy and well-made. The scale's floor should be strong enough to support all of your animals' weight, including bulls and older livestock. The scale's floor should also be smooth but easy to grip. 

How Do You Order the Right Scale?

An agricultural equipment and supply company may offer a wide selection of livestock scales for your needs. You can visit a company's website and select the scale that works best for your animals. If you can't find a scale for your livestock, contact a company immediately and request an estimate. Most companies allow you to use an online chat portal to contact them.

After you choose the right livestock scale for your animals, select the accessories that go with it. Accessories, such as heated pads and lamps, can keep your animals calm when you weigh them during the cold season. Be sure to choose accessories that work well for each animal you own.

For instance, some of your weaned lambs and kids may feel more at ease on your scale if they were protected by a soft sling. Animals that tend to flee during weighing may feel better if you place blankets around them. Again, if you need help selecting the products you want for your livestock, consult a company for answers.

You can weigh your livestock better with the right scale. Contact an agricultural equipment and supply company online today.