Are You A Farmer? Why You Should Switch To The No-Till Technique

Whether you’re starting a new farm or breaking ground so that you can expand your existing homestead, a large part of making it happen revolves around tilling the soil. When you till the soil, you essentially loosen it up by repeatedly turning the dirt over using a variety of different methods. Once the soil has reached the right consistency, you can then place the seedlings down and wait for the crop to blossom.

Three Things You Can Do With A Pipe Trailer On Your Farm

Seeing poly pipe trailers online may make you wonder what you can do with these trailers. This is definitely a unique question and situation for farmers, who may receive marketing for these trailers but be utterly lost as to why anyone would need or want a pipe trailer. Well, you might be surprised! Here are three things you can do with a pipe trailer on the farm.  Reign in and Move the Irrigation Hose