Three Things You Can Do With A Pipe Trailer On Your Farm

Seeing poly pipe trailers online may make you wonder what you can do with these trailers. This is definitely a unique question and situation for farmers, who may receive marketing for these trailers but be utterly lost as to why anyone would need or want a pipe trailer. Well, you might be surprised! Here are three things you can do with a pipe trailer on the farm. 

Reign in and Move the Irrigation Hose

If you feed your irrigation equipment with a lot of hose, then you need to pull that hose out to the field. When you are done, you need to reel that hose back in. A circular pipe trailer is perfect for hose because the pipes keep the hose from falling off the trailer, they keep the hose in one spot, and they allow you to unwind the hose from the open spaces between the vertical pipes on the trailer. Additionally, this trailer can connect to any farm vehicle with a hitch, including a tractor or an ATV, which means that you will never have to haul hose out manually or load it onto bigger vehicles that make a mess of your fields. 

Haul Hay Bales

The round bales fit perfectly on a pipe trailer's vertical pipes/spokes. The rectangular bales fit perfectly inside the pipes/spokes and along the flat areas of a long pipe trailer. Haul, and keep a supply handy, of all of the hay you bale. Put most of it up in the hayloft, but keep the remainder on the pipe trailer for easier access. 

Clear Timber to Make Way for Crops or Buildings

Need a new barn? Maybe you just want more acreage for crops or to have more field for better crop rotation? A pipe trailer is excellent at collecting all of the felled timber you chop down on your farm. All the logs can go right on the back of that trailer, and the pipes/spokes will prevent the logs from falling off the trailer. You do not even have to secure all of the long logs because the pipes/spokes will keep them all in place. (Shorter logs you might have to secure, but that is easy enough too.) Once you load up the trailer with felled trees, you can haul the trailer out of the area and put it wherever you want it to go until you can chop up the logs into firewood or sell the wood.