Paver Power: Creative Ways To Use Stone Pavers In Landscape Design

When it comes to landscaping materials, it is hard to find one item as versatile and easy to use as landscape pavers. Pavers come in a variety of stone types and make it easy to create unique features when designing your landscape. Stone pavers complement any color and style of your home's exterior and add interest and beauty to your yard.

Create an outdoor dining area

Want to add a charming dining area to your flower garden or in an isolated area in your yard? Stone pavers are up to the task and can help you lay the foundation for a great outdoor dining experience. Place stone pavers on the ground but leave several inches of grass between each paver to create a natural outdoor look.

You can also use gravel or sand between the pavers to create a different look if desired. Use large square or rectangular pavers for best results and to provide plenty of stabilization for table and chair legs.

Create a courtyard

You can use fragmented stone pavers to create an area that mimics a courtyard. Lay out your stone pavers in a circular fashion leaving grass between each paver. Place a fountain or statuary piece in the center of your design if you want to create a focal point.

Create interest by combining pavers with accent stone

If you want to design a fun and attractive walkway, use square or circular pavers to create your walkway and fill in the areas around the pavers with accent stones. For instance, you can combine white pavers with blue accent stones if you want to add an interesting pop of color to the walkway leading to your entryway. Complement the color of your home's exterior by using white pavers with accent stone to match the exterior color of your house.

Create contrast in your outdoor space

If you live in a linear-style home, use circular landscape pavers to provide a pleasing contrast to the straight lines of your home. For a home with a lot of arches or other rounded architectural features, square or rectangular pavers will provide an eye-appealing contrast. Use fragmented stone pavers to create a unique pathway through a vegetable or flower garden.

When shopping for landscape materials, do not overlook landscaping pavers. You can use pavers in different types of stone to add color and dimension to your landscape. They are easy to use and give you numerous possibilities for designing a landscape that is both practical and attractive.

For more information on landscape materials, contact a professional near you.