3 Common Types Of Laser Grading Equipment You Can Invest In

If you are looking for an affordable way to grade your agricultural products, investing in laser grading equipment might be the best option. The laser grading process makes it easier to cut, grade, and shape materials. That's why it's commonly used in agricultural applications like fruit and vegetable grading. Here are three types of laser grading equipment you can invest in.


Indicate-only laser grading systems are used to grade and measure farm fields. They do not remove material from the field but indicate where the removal should take place through a laser beam or an infrared light source targeted at the soil surface. Using this equipment will help you determine how deep you must dig to get rid of stones, roots, and other materials that may be in the way of your crops with minimal disturbance. It's accurate, fast, and easy to use.

You can also use indicate-only lasers to make contour maps of your fields. They'll help you determine which areas need to be mowed more often, wet or dry areas, and where to plant your crops to ensure the best yield.

Automatic Blade Control

This system is often used for grading slopes. It regulates how fast or slow the blades pass over the soil and ensures you get an even cut every time without having to worry about changing settings while working. If you don't want the hassle of using a blade control knob, this piece of equipment can be especially useful.

To start using this machine, you'll need an operator to set up one or more laser beams through a paddle. This will make the blades cut only where they are supposed to, without cutting off any extra soil. It will also protect trees, plants, and any other landscaping features you have in your yard. An automatic blade control equipment is ideal for applications such as leveling land and cutting grass from sloped surfaces and hilly terrain. It will produce better results and provide a consistent depth across segments.


Cone laser grading equipment is frequently used for arable farming. It can be installed on tractors and has a very high operating speed. They also have arms that allow users to adjust them to different angles depending on their needs. This ensures optimum accuracy in soil analysis as well as increased efficiency during the harvest period because you'll only need one pass over a field instead of multiple passes.

There are many laser grading equipment options to choose from. While they all have unique features and benefits, each of them can make your farming life easier because they'll simplify tedious tasks and improve accuracy.