Hay There! 3 Tips To Consider When Buying Hay Equipment

When you run .a farm, you need everything to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And because your time is money, the last thing you want to have to deal with is having any of your equipment break down; especially during hay bailing season. If you are new to the farming industry or have never had to purchase forage equipment on your own, you may not know the first place to start.  Let's take a closer look at three things to consider when you are buying hay equipment. 

New or Used

Just like with anything that you're buying, you need to decide whether you want to buy new or used equipment. If you are trying to budget and if you have experience fixing things up, then buying used may be the way to go. If you are short on time and have a little more wiggle room in your budget, however, then you probably want to go with new equipment. As a tip, when you're going to buy used, make sure to get a list of repairs that have previously been done on the hay equipment; the last thing you want to do is dig yourself into a giant hole filled with future repairs. 

Know Your Equipment

When you are buying hay equipment, knowledge is everything; especially when you're buying a hay mower. For instance, there isn't just one type of hay mower that will fit all of your needs and concerns; there are sickle bar mowers, disc mowers, and drum mowers. All of which come with their own unique benefits and downfalls. Before you go to even look at hay equipment or hay mowers, make sure you know the difference between every piece of equipment. 

Know Your Brands

Just like with any farming or even household equipment, there are going to be some brands that are made better and that will last longer. If you find a brand that's more durable than another but you can't afford it, try to find a newer model that's used—that way you get a high quality item without the large price tag. 

Running a farm as smoothly and efficiently as possible can seem like a disaster when your hay or forage equipment breaks down.  Luckily, with these three easy tips, you can have a smoother buying experience and get back to work. To learn more about forage equipment, contact a local company near you.