3 Horse Farm Tasks That Can Be Made Easier With A Tractor

If you operate a horse farm rather than a farm that grows crops, then you might have never really thought it would be necessary to purchase a tractor. Even though plenty of people take good care of their horses and properties without one, having a tractor can make your life a whole lot easier in many ways. These are three tasks around your horse farm that can be made easier with the help of a small tractor.

1. Hauling Hay

As someone who owns a horse farm, you probably find yourself hauling a whole lot of hay for the equines that reside on your property. The good news is that a tractor can make this much easier. Instead of having to haul hay yourself, you can load up your tractor to haul hay bales into the horse barn, into the pastures where the horses are grazing and more. This can help you ensure that all of the horses on your property are getting the hay that they need without you having to break your back to bring it to them.

2. Dealing with Manure

Manure is a part of life on pretty much any horse farm. With a tractor, you can handle manure a whole lot more easily. For example, when mucking out stalls, you can fill up the front-loader on your tractor with manure so that you only have to make one trip to get rid of it, which can be much easier than hauling one wheelbarrow load after another. Additionally, you can use your tractor to spread manure on your property, clean up manure in your pastures and more, making a dirty job a whole lot easier.

3. Doing General Property Clean-Up

Keeping your property neat and clean is probably important to you, but it can be a whole lot of work when you have to worry about things like taking care of your horses. The good news is that having a tractor can make general property clean-up a whole lot easier. Even though your horses probably prevent grass from growing too high in your pastures, you may have grass in-between your pastures and on other areas of your property that needs to be cut. In large spaces, a tractor can help you handle grass and weeds much more quickly and easily than a lawnmower can. Additionally, a tractor can help with things like clearing away snow, improving dirt or gravel paths and so much more.

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