Three Features To Consider When Choosing A Grain Bag Unloader

Grain bag unloaders are highly-functional and are often a sizeable investment. With that being said, you want to ensure you are paired with the right model when purchasing a new unit.  When searching for an unloader, it's important to choose wisely. Here are just three important features you want to investigate while on your search.

Hand Discharge

Always consider where you plan to operate the unloader in terms of any space limitations. This process is very important because it ensures that you are selecting a model with an appropriate hand discharge. The hand discharge basically refers to the area where the grain is released from the unit and this feature is generally available with either a right-hand discharge or left-hand discharge style.

If your space requirements call for a left side distribution, but the unit is designed for right side output – you will have issues. Unless you are looking at a dual-hand model, which are typically more expensive, always ensure that the output hand matches your need.

Bag Collection

Look for a bag unloader with a built-in bag collection tool. After the bag is separated (opened), the unit will input the grain into the auger system and discharge the bag. Depending on the system you have, this process can go a number of ways. Some units simply expel the bag into the air, leaving a large cleanup for you.

Other units shred the bag, which makes cleaning even more involved. Finally, some units store the empty package in a bag collection area. Once the space is full you can remove the bags and discard or recycle them. The last choice is by far the most convenient and efficient option for bag collection.

Transporting Conversion

If you need to cover a large area, you will probably need to rotate the grain unloader between operating mode and transport mode. When in operating mode, the auger, discharge arm and other large components are typically extended. When it's time to move the unit to another area, you need to shorten these components for safer travel.

Always make sure you are choosing a system that is easy to convert from operating mode to transport mode. Some units have complicated steps that involve removing and reattaching the auger, whereas some units have augers that decompress, which keep you more productive and your operation more efficient.

As a highly-functional tool, it's imperative that you take your time and choose the grain bag unloader best suited to meet your day-to-day needs. An agricultural equipment company, like Neeralta Manufacturing Inc., can provide more information.